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Yoga is a methodical effort toward self-perfection through developing your latent potential on the physical, vital, mental, intellectual, and spiritual levels. And the most fundamental step you can take toward expanding the limits of your consciousness is to gain mastery over your mind.Yoga Class in Mysore Best Yoga Classes In Mysore yoga Classes in Mysore Therefore, yoga is an extraordinary spiritual science of self-development and self-realization that shows us how to develop our full potential in our many-sided lives. It was first devised by the rishis and sages of ancient India and has been maintained by a stream of living teachers ever since, who have continually adapted this science to every generation. Yoga’s integrative approach brings deep harmony and unshakable balance to body and mind in order to awaken our latent capacity for a higher consciousness that is the true purpose of human evolution. The many methods of yoga spans a vast range from physical postures to breathing practices and meditation, all based upon a philosophy of consciousness and natural way of life. The word Yoga means ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means ‘to join’. This joining is described in spiritual terms as the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. In practical level yoga is to integrate body, mind and spirit to unfold our higher potential in life through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Yogacharya B.P. Murthy is the founder and Director of “Chaitanya Yoga Kendra”, Mysore, born on 12.03.1970. He is an expert in the art of teaching yoga and he is also well versed in administrating yoga therapy. He has done P.G. Diploma in Yoga, MSc. in Yoga, Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Yoga Instructor Course and also he has passed National Refere Examination. Now he is teaching yoga and giving therapy consultation for various diseases.

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Diploma And PG Diploma In Yoga Courses
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Surya Namaskar Asana
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Online yoga classes are available morning at 6 am to 7 am and 7 am to 8 am and evening at 5 PM to 6 pm. Interested can contact 9449886387/9060395639
Yoga studeo in Mysore Yoga studeo in Mysore
Yoga studeo in Mysore
We are conducting on line Yoga We are conducting on line Yoga
We are conducting on line Yoga classes in Mysore, Morning and evening. Interested can contact me 9449886387
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